Lenyes New Flagship Store

OPENING DAY: OCT.26th,2017

In the heart of the universe and the center of the world-Shenzhen, the international 3C popular brand "Lenyes" flagship store is going to held a grand opening. Shenzhen! Here we are!!!

The first show in Shenzhen : Lenyes — with scientific research and development, exquisite aesthetics and qualified work, bring you a different technology experience, Lenyes show you "the world of 3C (Computer、Communication、ConsumerEelectronics) can be so luxurious fashion".

The adventure of digital fashion is begining, will you witness the Lenyes fashionable digital event with us? Then come and join us!

Brand concept


L-stands for Liberty

E-stands for Energy

N-stands for Nobility

Y-stands for Young

E-stands for Enthusiasm

S-stands for Safety

Lenyes's purpose is to unlock the future technology password for you, to always share the best quality, vision and experience to Lenyes's friends, to shape your powerful world!

Due to Lenyes's deep understanding about digital technology, our image design is full of lion's elements,which breaks the design boundaries of digital technology...

Black and gold are the classic colors of Lenyes,showing the lion king and mystery; This is Lenyes's unique concept of integrating technology into a light luxury trend...

Nowadays,everyone is the pioneer of technology and fashion,with the lion king Lenyeselements,from the experience of the science and technology, reality and illusion in the parallel world crisscross, frames under the multiple dimensions of "self", explore the infinite possibilities, which reflect the modern people shape their powerful world and the endless charm.

Lenyes brand has been favored by many international markets and has already been lauched in many countries around the world. When you have Lenyes products by your side, you can attract a lot of attention on any occasion.

Lenyes luxury classic series

Lenyes young fashion series

Lenyes simple and stylish series

Feel free to contact us for further information here:

Lenyes digital technology Co.,Ltd

5FA10,TowerAB,Longsheng ,Shenzhen .

A028, 2nd floor, Nanfang Building, Liwan District, Guangzhou.

Shenzhen Lenyes Technology Co., Ltd.

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A028, 2nd floor, NanFang Building, Liwan District, Guangzhou

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